What is a Master Mason?

The Master Mason scheme has been introduced by the Master Brick & Blocklayers as a means of identifying 
building practitioners who consistently meet industry standards of professionalism and competency.

“Master Mason” is a quality mark for brick and blocklayers that is awarded by the Master Brick & Blocklayers.  It tells anyone that engages with the Master Mason that the individual has been assessed as having an appropriate level of skills and knowledge to complete work to an industry best practice standard.

Master Brick & Blocklayers currently provides Master Mason assessments for Masonry Veneer (Concrete or Clay) and Concrete Structural Masonry. 

To become a Master Mason firstly the brick and blocklayer must own or work for a company that is a member of Master Brick & Blocklayer.  Our reasoning behind this is that we believe a good building practitioner not only has good skills and knowledge but is also of a reasonable character.  Master Brick & Blocklayer members are considered  ‘the good guys’ of the industry because they show a keen interest to continual development and they contribute to their industry.

If a company is a member of Master Brick & Block then you at least know that they have an interest in their industry and are receiving updated information on their trade. 

You may find the Master Mason Register by clicking on this link: Master Mason Register

You may find a list of Master Brick & Block companies by clicking on this link: Find a Brick and Blocklayer

How Master Mason – Masonry Veneer and Concrete Structural Masonry assessments work.

Master Mason applicants are required to provide details of their work history, qualifications, recent learning history, and supervision structure.

Before being considered for assessment, a brick and blocklayer must have at least four (4) years of relevant work experience after obtaining a Brick and Blocklaying qualification, or ten (10) years relevant work experience if no qualification is held.

All Masonry Veneer and Concrete Structural Masonry applications require on site assessments by an approved Master Mason assessor. 

Master Brick & Blocklayer believes that competency is shown by not just meeting a set of industry standards but by also showing the ability to repeat that standard again and again.  The Master Mason scheme takes a risk approach to assessments.  This means that a number of factors such as whether the applicant manages multiple sites, if they work in large cities, concerns over work experience etc. may increase the number of on site assessment reports required to assess for Master Mason status.

The Master Masons application will initially be assessed to determine how many on site assessor reports will be required to assess their competency. 

The applicant will need to contact a Master Mason on site assessor and arrange with them the appropriate timing to complete the on site assessments. 

Once all of the on site assessment reports requested have been obtained then a final assessment of the reports and the original application will occur.   The Master Mason application assessor will then make a recommendation to Master Brick & Blocklayer on granting (or not) the Master Mason status.

Click here to find out how to apply to be a Master Mason:

Apply to be a Master Mason