Applying to be a Master Mason

To become a Registered Master Mason you firstly need to be the owner or employee of a Masonry Business that is a member of The Master Brick and Block Association. If your company is not already a member then contact [email protected] and ask about joining.

Before a Master Mason can be registered they need to have their work assessed. This involves Assessors inspecting usually completed and incomplete building work to confirm compliance with Best Practice.
The number of jobs an assessor will need to look at is determined by a number of factors – the number of teams you are supervising, whether you undertaken supervisor training or qualifications etc.
The first stage of the application process is to tell us about your work history, whether you have had any complaints held against you etc. This information is then used by the Master Mason Application Assessor to identify the number of on site assessments you would need to obtain.
The Application for Technical Assessment form can be downloaded here:



Once the Application Assessor has determined the number of jobs that will need assessing, the next step is to contact an Onsite Assessor to carry out the assessments and complete a Master Mason Onsite report. Once all of the onsite assessments are complete, the applicant will then need to apply to be registered. This will involve sending in all of the forms along with the Master Mason Registration Form. Click here to download the Master Mason Registration form:



Click here to read information on the: Master Mason Ethical Framework and Code of Conduct. 

Click on this link to watch the Video ‘Understanding the Master Mason Technical Assessment Process.’

What if I cannot find details of my MTRB registration?

Complete as much of the registration form as you are able – thankfully it is a very small industry and while it may mean your registration takes a little longer to process, we should be able to find access to your information. If we are unable to confirm your previous MTRB registration and you have not retained information that confirms that you were registered then unfortunately you will not be able to use this process.

Why does the company I work with need to be a member of Master BRick & Blocklayers?r

This is not about playing favourites.  We believe that a good practitioner is not only knowledgeable and skilled but also has good character.   Master Brick & Blocklayers are considered  ‘the good guys’ of the industry because they show a keen interest to continual development and they contribute to their industry.