Let us be the judge of our building systems.

Looking for an industry Endorsed
Masonry/Brick Inspector?

Sometimes building work doesn’t go to plan and sometimes it doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations.  For the times when a building owner and building contractor cannot agree on whether a masonry veneer is of an acceptable standard, Master Brick & Block have developed a network of independent assessors who use an easy to follow reporting template that measures a veneer against acceptable practice.

They are our building systems, we know how they should be built.  There are a number of private individuals who offer ‘brick inspection’ services.  Don’t pay for someone to misquote standards or provide personal, subjective opinions.  A professional assessment should be stick to the facts (industry approved tolerances).  

You can see a list of endorsed masonry/brick assessors here: Master Brick & Block Assessor Network

As an industry we believe that there are some practices that can affect impartiality.  We have set a clear behaviour standard for our endorsed assessors to safeguard their impartiality.  You can read the Code of Conduct for assessors here: Code of Conduct for Master Brick & Blocklayers.

Before engaging an assessor, we suggest parties familiarise themselves with the Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide (starting with a careful read of the preface) and MBIEs Guide to Tolerances, Materials and Workmanship in residential new builds.

You can read the Masonry (Brick) Veneer Best Practice Guide here: Brick Veneer Best Practice Guide.

You can read MBIEs guidance here: MBIE Guide to Tolerances, Materials and Workmanship in new residential builds.