Licensing and Restricted Building Work

To perform Restricted Building Work - anything that affects the weathertightness or structural integrity of a building - you must be a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)

Restricted building work (RBW) is certain residential building work critical to the structural integrity and
weathertightness of a building. It must be carried out or supervised by a licensed building practitioner(LBP) who
is licensed in the appropriate class (for us this is the Brick and Blocklaying class).

If you are not an LBP and undertake unsupervised Restricted Building Work, you are committing an offence under the Building Act 2004 and may be liable to fines of up to $20,000.
Getting licensed
The LBP scheme has been put in place to give the public confidence in using practitioners that have been assed as competent. It has been in place since 2011 and is becoming recognised as a quality mark, and we therefore recommend becoming a Licensed Building Practitioner.
The initial application which includes an assessment process will cost $384 if you have a recognised qualification and $537 if you do not. After that an annual renewal fee of $xxx applies.
More information about becoming an LBP