Good management of staff is an important aspect of running any business that employs people. The New Zealand Master Brick & Blocklayers supports its members by providing staff management resources and templates all easily accessed in the one place.

Employment Agreements

The Employment Relations Act 2002 (ERA) requires an employer to provide a written employment agreement.
Master Brick & Blocklayers have provided an employment agreement template for members.  You can download the templates by clicking here:

Employment Agreement Template

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Employment Agreement Template

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Content of interest in Master Brick & Block Employment agreement template:

Working window

Changes to this legislation in 2016 have meant that an employer is required to guarantee a minimum number of hours to staff. Due to the nature of the trade where factors such as weather play a strong part in being able to guarantee a number of hours, it is important for businesses to actively manage staff hours.
MBIE has provided some useful information on staff rostering which you can access here:

Staff Rostering

The NZMTA employment agreement includes a working window to provide members with flexibility to use a roster system for staff if necessary. It also includes provisions to enable businesses to divert staff to other types of work if necessary, move them to other regions or enable employees to choose to take annual leave in these circumstances at short notice.

Clear information on managing sick leave

There are minimum provisions provided under the Holidays Act to enable an employee to recover from illness (or care for a dependant). The difficulty with any unplanned leave is that a staff members absence can have a huge impact on managing workloads and meeting timeframes. It can place a business at risk. We have included a very concise section on managing sick leave
(Section 10: Wellness). This section is especially useful when leave
entitlements have been exhausted as it provides step by step
instructions to raising it and managing it with staff

Special circumstances in the event of a civil defence emergency

In the event that a civil defence emergency occurs in your region that impacts on your ability to provide sufficient work for your employees, the NZMTA employment agreement contains a clause that enables you to vary the employee’s duties and hours of work to allow you to manage workloads. As a trade-off, the same clause enables an employee to reduce their notice to terminate the agreement to one week if changes are made.

Abandonment of employment clause

The NZMTA employment agreement also includes concise information on steps to take if an employee abandons their employment.

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