Disputes Triubunal

If someone owes you money and it is less than $30,000 you may wish to consider chasing the debt yourself via the Disputes Tribunal. This must be done within 6 years of the debt occurring.
To make an application to the disputes tribunal you will need to:

• Complete an application form (paper or online)
• Pay a filing fee – up to $180 (reduced if you are seeking less than $5,000)
• Make a convincing case
• Attend the disputes tribunal hearing

You can find information on what you need to make a claim via this link:

Here is an example of a completed application form:

When completing Part 5 – Details of your dispute, try to keep your summary brief and to the point. For example:

• Issued my Terms of Trade and quotation by email on [date].
• Commenced work on [date]
• Issued invoice/payment claim on [date]
• Payment or response/payment schedule was due on [date]
• I am seeking a monetary order so I can pursue the debt owed.

You can apply to the Disputes Tribunal online via this link:

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