Why Brick or Block?

We believe that there is a reason why kiwis prefer to build with brick…

We all want to make the best choices with our homes, schools and places of work.  We want buildings that are safe, warm and healthy.  That is why we believe most New Zealanders decide to use brick veneer when building their homes.
(source: BRANZ Study report SR309 [2014] Physical characteristics of new houses.)

We believe that you should know that Clay and Concrete Brick Veneer:

Is extremely low maintenance – no painting required!

  • Comes in an extensive range – colours; finishes and looks;
  • Is low-risk – brick veneer has always had a cavity system which has meant less leaky home claims;
  • Increases the thermal resistance of the building – so it’s warmer;
  • Is price competitive;
  • Comes from an industry that is proud of its craft and enthusiastic about lifting standards and meeting your expectations.
Energy Efficient?

Why would you want to wrap your family with anything else?